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About Eternal Life Bible College "ELBC"



Eternal Life Bible College is a ministry training school located in Virginia Beach, Virginia. Our primary purpose is to provide theological education based on the standards of the Bible. Eternal Life Worship Center established the college in 1999 with a vision to bridge the gap between God and humanity through the love of Jesus Christ.


At Eternal Life Bible College, we focus exclusively on the Bible as our main textbook. This means that, as a student, you will learn about the Bible and your relationship with God more than ever before!


Our desire is to empower men and women with a deeper understanding of the Bible and the Christian lifestyle. We value higher learning and provide a vehicle for those called into ministry to receive a quality, Bible-based education. Our courses are designed to educate students in various subjects of the Christian faith and provide them with a solid foundation in biblical studies. We teach our students to defend the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ and serve others in love.


As the President of Eternal Life Bible College, it is my objective to provide you with the opportunity to pursue your biblical degree while receiving quality, Christian-based, Bible-centered training. We offer over 30 courses that you can take to prepare yourself to serve with confidence. You can enroll in our Bachelor of Theology program or take individual classes to suit your needs. The best part is that our school is free to attend, and all of our courses are available online. There is a modest graduation fee to cover the cost of graduation.

Thank you for your interest in Eternal Life Bible College!I look forward to working with you as you futher your Christian studies.


Dr. James Hodges
Eternal Life Bible College (ELBC)


Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is centered around teaching the word of God as it is instructed in the Bible. Our aim is to equip our students with the necessary tools to gain a solid understanding of the Scripture. We believe that our studies will prepare you to embrace Kingdom principles that will not only transform you and your family but also your community and the world. A well-trained Bible student is always prepared and ready to impact the world for Jesus Christ.

Our History
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ELBC was established by Dr. James Hodges, who is the senior pastor of Eternal Life Worship Center. Our community is a multicultural, multigenerational, and family-oriented group of people who believe in the Bible and live by faith in Jesus Christ. Our ultimate goal is to bring people closer to God by bridging the gap between Him and us through the love of Jesus Christ.

 At ELBC, we strive to make history every day. Every student who enrolls in our school contributes to the legacy of Eternal Life Bible College, shaping the experiences of future students who come to us seeking knowledge and spiritual growth.

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